YBC Kemetic Yoga at Lululemon

YBC + Lululemon’s The Attic

…is offering an introductory experience into Kemetic Yoga lead by the talented Vonnette Forde of Higher Love Yoga.

Kemetic Yoga was developed and practiced by ancient Kemites (Egyptians) society. It is based upon the practice of physical movements combined with controlled deep breathing and meditation to achieve union with one’s higher self. The ancient hieroglyphics reveal that our ancestors created diverse yoga postures to increase their inner vibration.

Higher Love is a Kemetic yoga studio based in Toronto, Ontario founded by Vonnette Forde, a registered Yoga and Reiki Practitioner.
Join us for 90 mins of ancestral decompression practice.

Event Time: 01:00 pm – 02:30 pm (90mins  [5-10 mins intro; 55-60 mins class; 10 mins Q&A]). Pls arrive at 15 mins before the class starts.

Price: $10

Location: The Attic, 318 Queen Street W., Toronto, ON.

Instructor: Vonnette Forde (http://www.higher-love.com)

Drop-in or register at https://www.318queen.com/events/kemetic-yoga