Major shifts are happening in the tech space and there are new players on the scene who have created innovative apps that cater the needs of our community. Nonetheless, the conversation about the lack of diversity in the tech world is still an on-going conversation. Today, only 0.2% of African-American women receive VC funding, yet they are the largest growing demographic of entrepreneurs. This week, we dive into some possible reasons of why that is and discuss some new apps for you to check out!


Click on the links below to check out these new companies:

http://www.bantuapp.com/ : An app that displays everyone in your vicinity who can braid, twist, weave or style your natural hair.

http://blendoor.com/ : Job matching app that mitigates unconscious bias by hiding data that’s not relevant and highlighting data that is.

http://www.unchartedplay.com/ – An organization that creates energy-generating play products that power and empower communities worldwide.

List of who’s doing what in tech:





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